Little Mo min

Islamic Quotes Big Frame

Price : INR 800.00 / Piece(s)

Islamic Quotes Big Frame


Shape Rectangular, Square
Color Multicolor
Pattern Printed
Features Elegant Design, Stylish Look
Size 12× 18 Inches
Usage Decoration

  • Desc : Arabic Letters fro Little Hearts.

  • Desc : Indeed, My Lord is Near & Responsive.
    The Quran

  • Desc : FAJR, ZUHR, ASR, MAGHRIB, ISHA and Everything is Better.

  • Desc : Strongest among You is the One Who Controls His Anger.
    Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

  • Desc : Eid Mubarak

  • Desc : Dream Big, Make, Dua, Move Mountains

  • Desc : And He Found You Lost and Guided You.
    The Quran

  • Desc : Ayatul Kursi
    The Quran

  • Desc : My Lord Build Me a House in Nearness to You in Jannah.
    The Quran

  • Desc : Give the Good News to Those Who Believe & Do Good Works , that They Will Have Gardens Through Which Rivers Flow.
    The Quran

  • Desc : And We Created You in Pairs
    The Quran

  • Desc : Surely, in the Remembrance of Allah Hearts Find Comfort.
    The Quarn

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