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Islamic Quotes Big Frame

Price : INR 800.00 / Piece(s)

Islamic Quotes Big Frame


Shape Rectangular, Square
Color Multicolor
Pattern Printed
Features Elegant Design, Stylish Look
Size 12× 18 Inches
Usage Decoration

  • Desc : He Who Purifies Himself Shall Indeed Be Successful.
    The Quran

  • Desc : Allah Will Never Let Your Faith Go to Waste.
    The Quran

  • Desc : Soon You Will Be Pleased with What Allah Will Give You.
    The Quran

  • Desc : Seek Help with Patience and Prayer.
    The Quran

  • Desc : There is No Power Except with Allah.
    The Quran

  • Desc : Indeed Allah is with the Patient.
    The Quran

  • Desc : Lord Be Merciful to Them Both as They Raised Me Up When I Was Little.
    The Quran

  • Desc : Surely with Every Hardship There is Ease.
    The Quran

  • Desc : Lord Inspire Me to Be Thankful for the Blessings You have Granted Me and My Parents and to Do Good Deeds that Will Please You.

  • Desc : Greed & Faith , Can Never Co-exist in the Human Heart.
    Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

  • Desc : We Shall Give Abundance to Those Who Do Good.
    The Quran 2.58

  • Desc : O Allah You are Forgiving and You Love to Forgive , So Forgive Me.
    Prophet Muhammad PBUH

  • Desc : In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious , the Most Merciful.
    The Quran

  • Desc : All Praise is Due to Allah , the Lord of the Universe.
    The Quran

  • Desc : Morning Prayer , Praise Be to Allah Who Woke Us Up Attend Causing Us to Sleep and to Him is the Return.

  • Desc : Bedtime Prayer, O Allah with Your Name, I Sleep & Wake Up.

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