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Islamic Quotes Small Frame

Price : INR 600.00 / Piece(s)

Islamic Quotes Small Frame


Color Multicolor
Pattern Printed
Features Elegant Design, Light Weightlity
Size 10×10 Inches
Description High Quality Acrylic Frames
Border With Black or White Borders

  • Desc : Do They Not Observe the Birds Above Them Spreading Their Wings and Folding Them In.

  • Desc : Allah & Muhammad (PBUH)

  • Desc : We Shall Certainly Test You with Fear and Hunger and Loss of Property , Lives and Crops. Give Good News to Those Who Endure with Fortitude.

  • Desc : Guide Us to the Straight Path.

  • Desc : If You are Grateful, I Will Give You More.

  • Desc : A Good Word is like a Good Tree with Its Root Firm and Its Branches High in the Sky.

  • Desc : My Prayer and My Sacrifice , My Life and My Death are all for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

  • Desc : Allah is the Light of the Heavens and the Earth.

  • Desc : Allah is Sufficient for Us and He is the Best Disposed of Affairs.

  • Desc : Do Not Let Your Dislike of a People Lead You to Be Unjust.
    The Quran

  • Desc : Seek Help with Patience and Prayer the Quran.

  • Desc : And We Created You in Pairs.
    The Quran

  • Desc : Surely with Every Hardship There is Ease.
    The Quran

  • Desc : No Leaf Falls Without His Knowledge.
    The Quran

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